Working in partnership with USDC we are looking to develop a national advocacy project that addresses disability-inclusive justice for children with disabilities.

For many children with disabilities in Uganda, the right to access basic services such as education, health and justice remains a challenge due to widespread discrimination and stigma.

Over the last two decades, Uganda has made significant advances in disability inclusion, by ratifying the Persons with Disabilities Act (2006) alongside international accords that protect children and people with disabilities. However, reforms in the social welfare system have been slow as underdeveloped structures and weak legislation means children remain prone to abuse and exploitation. In northern Uganda alone, 60% of children fall into a cycle of poverty, violence and crime, with children with disabilities, disproportionately more at risk.

Considering this, we recognise this be an exciting yet critical time for Uganda, as global and civil society combine efforts to hold the government to account on their commitments made at the Global Disability Summit (2018) towards new laws on disability rights.

Our work with USDC will continue to build on our extensive experience in advocating for inclusive policy implementation with local and national governments, with demands for strengthened inclusive community-based rehabilitation and protected legal services for children with disabilities and their families.

By empowering children and young people with disabilities with knowledge of their rights, they themselves can break down the barriers to their inclusion and fulfil their potential.


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