We expanded our work into Zimbabwe in 2023, to reach more children and young people with disabilities and to advocate for their rights.

Zimbabwe Parents of Handicapped Children Association

Zimbabwe Parents of Handicapped Children Association

Zimbabwe Parents of Handicapped Children Association (ZPHCA) is a group that is actively involved in advocacy and lobbying for the rights of children with disabilities and the rights of women in the areas of health, education and housing.

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In Zimbabwe, quality services for children with disabilities are hard to come by.

Heath and Services

The vast majority of caregivers turn to traditional healers for help for their children with disabilities, indicating a lack of adequate information on disability.

Social Welfare

Only around 26% of people with disabilities have access to social welfare programmes due to a short supply of quality, critical services for children.


Disability has long been considered a charity or welfare issue, rather than a rights issue, with limited resources made available for persons with disabilities.

What our plans are

We want to ensure that children and young people with disabilities are not left behind in Zimbabwe. We will work to promote inclusive education and implement early identification systmes, and advocate to policy-making groups to provide a full range of critical services so all children share the same access to education and healthcare provision.

We will identify the common barriers children with disabilities face, what successful approaches for inclusive education in Zimbabwe already exist, and what are perceived to be the most sustainable solutions for furthering inclusive education in the current context. Together, we can ensure that
no child is left behind.


Inclusive Education

Education is a right for all children. It is essential to their social, emotional and intellectual development. Great progress has been made to give all children an education, yet 90% of children with disabilities in low income countries still do not receive an education.

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Together, we can transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable children.

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