We have worked in Kenya since 2009 supporting children and young people with disabilities to be included in all aspects of their lives.

Action Network for the Disabled

Action Network for the Disabled

Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY) is dedicated to achieving equality, inclusion and empowerment of young people with disabilities in Kenya and seeks to mainstream young people with disabilities into all aspects of daily life.

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Very few children with disabilities have access to basic education, meaning young people with disabilities are less likely to be employed and more likely to be living in poverty than people without disabilities.

We are trying to change this.

In the last five years...


Organisations Stengthened

We have improved the capacity of 47 local civil society organisations to include children with disabilities in their work.


Children Directly Supported

We have empowered 1,227 children with disabilities, using inclusive sport to improve their access to education.


Parents Financially Supported

In the last five years, we have supported 812 parents of children with disabilities by engaging them in income generation activities.

What we are proud of

In 2023, we kickstarted a livelihoods project with Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY), which is primarily improving the inclusion of female young people with disabilities in vocational training and employment in Kenya. The project addresses the discrimination that many female young people with disabilities in Kenya face in accessing employment opportunities due to their gender and disability, while also targeting a smaller number of male young people with disabilities.

At the heart of the project, 20 young people with disabilities have been recruited and trained to be mentors to a wider group of 180 young people, while working directly with three vocational centres in Nairobi to ensure more young people with disabilities can access their courses. Already, young people with disabilities have started their own enterprises, with the team also partnering with Riziki Source to match job opportunities with the skillsets of different individuals.


Zawadi's Story

Zawadi is 7 years old and has hydrocephalus. Zawadi needed support from a very young age but with scarce financial resources, times became very difficult for her and her mother. Find out how Able Child Africa ensured Zawadi got the support she needed to thrive.

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Together, we can transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable children.

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