We are a network of African organisations who share a common vision of a world in which
no child with a disability is left behind.

The network is for organisations who were founded in and based in Africa, and who work specifically on improving the lives of children with disabilities.

What we do

Stand Up for Rights

Standing up for the rights of children with disabilities, amplifying their voices and creating change by influencing governments and other international allies.

Deliver High Quality Programmes

Delivering high-quality programmes and building best practice in inclusive programming for children with disabilities.

Generate Data

Working together to collate data on the barriers children with disabilities experience and generate evidence for what works in inclusive programming.

How we work

We believe we are stronger together.

The network will provide access to a wealth of knowledge, both technical and operational, from like-minded organisations that will build expertise and resilience across the network.

The network members will be equipped to play a leading role supporting movements and other organisations of persons with disabilities in their respective countries, working to improve services, hold their governments to account and deliver lasting change for children with disabilities.

Our members

Our journey

Where we operate

We want to work across Africa. In order to be a fully representative African network, we need to broaden our reach.

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As a network our voice is louder.

This creates an opportunity to get the attention of powerful global allies and influence change. We plan to use our joint voice to influence, petition and inspire the following groups:

Broader civil society
We will persuade and inform local civil society to strengthen the inclusion of children with disabilities in the programmes that they deliver.

Local government
We will co-design disability-inclusive policies with local government and hold them to account on financing for children with disabilities.

We will demand disability-inclusive and targeted funding specifically for organisations working for children with disabilities.

International allies
We will ensure children with disabilities are not left behind by international INGOs, UN agencies or other global influencers.

A strong, resilient and resourced civil society in Africa.

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