We believe a relationship is two-way – we want to know how we can support and add value to your organisation

We believe in partnership – in fact, our whole delivery model is based on it. We work with and alongside partner organisations in Africa to achieve our mission and it is through this model that we believe we achieve the greatest impact and sustainability.

We also firmly believe in partnership and collaboration in the UK – that means we are looking for corporate partners, not simply donors. We are looking to engage long term partners who buy into our approach and want to see how the support they are giving is making a tangible difference.

We offer the opportunity – opportunity for you to make a sizable impact on the lives of the most disadvantaged children and young people. We are small enough that you will be able to see the tangible change you are making; yet experienced and robust to ensure that any support you give is effectively utilised and more importantly, sustainable.

We’re interested in skills – we’re as much interested in the experience and expertise you have, as we are any financial gifts. We are continually looking to improve what we do and are looking for UK partners that can add value to our partners working out in Africa.

We can offer you – early-bird access to our London Marathon spaces, our golf day, volunteering opportunities, skillanthropy opportunities and much more, thinking beyond CSR to create a meaningful and impactful corporate-charity partnership with your organisation.

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