We started our work in Zambia in 2020 to continue our mission to improve the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Zambia Association of Parents for Children with Disabilities

Zambia Association of Parents for Children with Disabilities

Zambia Association of Parents for Children with Disabilities (ZAPCD) is a membership organisation made up of parents of children and young people with disabilities who advocate for change.

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In Zambia, it is estimated that 18% of children with disabilities have been refused entry to a school or preschool because of their disability. All these children face discrimination preventing their inclusion.

We are trying to change this.


Rights Club Created

We have set up 6 disability-inclusive child rights clubs to enable children to fight for their rights.


Children Enrolled

We have enrolled 94 young children with disabilities into early childhood education.


Parents Supported

We have registered 68 parents of children with disabilities into parent support groups.

What we are proud of

As part of a three-year inclusive Early Childhood Education programme, we are working to tackle the stigma and misunderstandings that can often surround children with disabilities. As part of this, the project includes multiple community events and media campaigns to spread awareness about the rights of children with disabilities, especially in their right to access Early Childhood Education.

A multi-day training was organised for media professionals to inform them of the rights of children with disabilities and identify different strategies for reporting on disability in an inclusive and empowering way. The impact of this training continues to be felt, with media professionals continuing to use positive language when discussing disability, and stronger relations developed between our Network Member ZAPCD and the media houses.


Angel's Story

Angel is six years old and lives in Zambia with her mother. When Angel was born, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy which is a physical disability that can affect movement and posture. For several reasons, Angel was not getting what she needed to learn and develop.

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Together, we can transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable children.

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