Able Child’s response to a report evaluating FCDO’s work on disability inclusion.

The International Development Committee (IDC) has published findings from their recent inquiry into the adequacy and effectiveness of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO) work on disability inclusion.

Able Child welcomes the Committee’s report, which highlights a mixed picture for the FCDO’s work on disability inclusion, particularly for children with disabilities.

The report rightly highlights the strong commitments made by the FCDO to inclusive education in the Disability Inclusion and Rights Strategy whilst noting the devastating impact of the cuts to inclusive education programmes and the obstacles that ‘value for money’ requirements present for disability inclusive safeguarding best practices.

Able Child’s co-CEO, Lauren Watters, gave evidence to the committee in October, where she drew the Committee’s attention to the damaging effects of FCDO’s funding cuts for children with disabilities and ‘a gap in the FCDO’s funding for and support of youth with disabilities.’

She says:

“Able Child welcomes the recommendations outlined by the IDC relating to targets on disability mainstreaming, data disaggregation and the recommendations made relating to the increased participation of Organisations of Person with Disabilities (OPDs).

We are particularly heartened by the IDC’s recommendation that ‘the FCDO should set out what steps it has taken to end the mass institutionalising of children with disabilities.

We hope this report provides a clear roadmap for implementing a disability and inclusion strategy that works for children and youth with disabilities. We stand ready to work with the FCDO, the IDC, and other stakeholders to ensure that the UK remains a leader in promoting disability-inclusive development, which leaves no child behind.”

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