We have been supporting children with disabilities in Tanzania since 2007, advocating for their inclusion into mainstream education.

Child Support Tanzania

Child Support Tanzania

Working with Child Support Tanzania (CST) provides inclusive early year’s education to the most vulnerable children in the Mbeya Region, in Southwest Tanzania.

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Many children and families in Mbeya are living in poverty, often exacerbated by disability, HIV/AIDS and high mortality rates. Services for children with disabilities are severely lacking and poorly resourced. We are trying to change this.


Children Enrolled

We have enrolled 370 children with disabilities into mainstream inclusive education.


Community Members Engaged

We have engaged over 1,300 community members through disability awareness events.


Schools Modified

We have modified 9 mainstream schools to improve accessibility, including the creation of three inclusive libraries for children with disabilities.

What we are proud of

With our Child Support Tanzania and Article 25, the UK’s leading architectural NGO working in low-income countries, we have realised the construction of a new inclusive Early Childhood Education school in Mbeya, Tanzania. This inclusive school consists of accessible classrooms, toilets, a physiotherapy unit, assembly hall and kitchen, and will continue to be developed by Child Support Tanzania over the coming years. The development of Child Support Tanzania’s school has realised additional funding to support its pupils, which includes several children with disabilities.

Through the lessons learnt from inclusive education projects at Child Support Tanzania, we continue to develop evidence of what works best for children with disabilities in schools, which is incorporated in Child Support Tanzania’s projects in neighbouring government mainstream schools.

Project Impact Report

Inclusive Education

The “Take All My Friends To School” project increased the access, quantity and quality of inclusive education for children with disabilities through adapting the child-to-child approach to inclusive education.

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Together, we can transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable children.

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