The right to feel safe.

We stand up for the rights of children and young people with disabilities, so they are protected and included in their communities.

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Children

Children with disabilities are at a higher risk of violence, abuse or exploitation. Therefore, we work with all our partners to improve and support local safeguarding practices and ensure the protection of children in the areas where we work.

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We have been working in East and Southern Africa to ensure the protection of children with disabilities within their communities. Over the last five years...


Practitioners Trained

We have worked with other organisations in the sector to train 232 practitioners on disability-inclusive child safeguarding.


Parents Supported

Working with parents to help them better protect their children with disabilities.


Children Informed

We have informed 8,979 children with disabilities on their rights and disability-inclusive child protection.

The need to protect.

Children with disabilities are four times more likely to experience physical violence, and three times more likely to be sexually assaulted.

For girls with disabilities, the situation is even worse. Girls with disabilities are 10 times more likely to experience gender-based violence than those without disabilities, and an estimated 70% of girls with intellectual disabilities will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday.

Many children with disabilities also continue to spend much or all of their lives in institutions, away from their families, or face difficulties in accessing basic services or justice systems.


Juma's Story

When Juma was introduced to specialist caregivers who had been trained in inclusive early childhood education and who better understood the assistance he needed, he began to thrive.

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How you can make a difference.

1 in 10 girls do not attend school becasue of the lack of basic sanitation and hygiene support. This impact is worsened for girls with disabilities. It only costs £5 to provide a basic hygiene kit to a child. £100 will allow us to train a mentor to support a number of girls and provide the essential guidance to keep them safe in school.


Other ways we make an impact

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