Findlay Park is an independent investment partnership based in London who believe that support for charities should go beyond the financial. We are proud to become partners with Findlay Park who we believe align with our values and who are invested in our vision.

With Findlay Park’s support this year, the Zambia Association of Parents for Children with Disabilities (ZAPCD) and Able Child have made great progress in advancing inclusive Early Childhood Development for children with disabilities. The accomplishments reflect a commitment to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for children with diverse abilities.

We feel positive about the future – continued efforts in collaboration and advocacy are crucial for sustaining and expanding these positive impacts in the future. As we grow our partnership, Findlay Park will play a central role in supporting ZAPCD to  leave a lasting impact.

We will continue to learn – how we can best support organisations in Africa and ultimately reach more children with disablities.

We are excited – to have Findlay Park as our newest partner and look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.

We are grateful – for the generous and encouraging support the team at Findlay Park have shown us and are pleased to have them by our side.

Corporate partners we work with

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