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Safeguarding Children

The Impact of Parent Support Groups

Moses is a nine-year-old boy who has a hearing impairment and uses sign language to communicate. Prior to being enrolled into his current school as part of our Ready Steady Go project, he was unable to communicate effectively and never went outside unless one of his parents was with him.

Due to the delays in enrolling him into a school, Moses started his journey with a number of difficulties. He had a short attention span, difficulty with his memory, low exposure to Kenyan sign language and a lack of cognitive skills. He also struggled to play with other children since he had never done so before, experiencing little to no interaction with his peers. He could also not express his needs to his parents easily, and they struggled to communicate with him, which was extremely frustrating for Moses.

Since joining the school, Moses has flourished... He interacts well with his peers and can communicate his needs more effectively.

Through our project, one of Moses’ parents joined the Parent Support Group, where they participated in trainings focused on disability, early intervention services and home-based learning. The trainings highlighted the importance of inclusive education and play for children with disabilities and Moses’ parents began the formal assessment process so that Moses could be placed in a school that could support him.

Since joining the school, Moses has flourished. His confidence has increased significantly and with the support and encouragement from his parents, he is much happier at home. He interacts well with his peers and can communicate his needs more effectively. Through their engagement with the Parent Support Group, his parents have benefited hugely. Their attitudes towards disability have completely changed and they have a much more positive outlook regarding their child’s future, which has allowed Moses to thrive.

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