The right to be heard.

We support children and young people with disabilities to be confident and resilient, amplifying their voice to demand their own inclusion.


Raising Aspirations

Children with disabilities are at an elevated risk of mental health issues and psychosocial disabilities due to the high levels of stigma and exclusion they experience. Despite this, research has shown that there is very little mental health provision for children and young people with disabilities.

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We have been working in East and Southern Africa to ensure the voices of children and young people with disabilities are heard.

Over the last five years…



Rights Clubs Created
We have set up 106 disability-inclusive child rights clubs to enable children to fight for their rights.


Children Informed
We have informed 8,979 children with disabilities on their rights and disability-inclusive child protection.


Youth Empowered
We have trained 114 young people with disabilities to better advocate for the inclusion of children and young people with disabilties.

The need to amplify.

Through no fault of their own, children with disabilities are consistently excluded, discounted and discriminated against in all walks of life.

Denying children with disabilities their equal rights in this way has a lifelong impact. It can lead to a life of poverty, discrimination, dependence and abuse.

But every child has the right to feel safe, the right to go to school,
and the right to be heard.


Patuma’s Story

Patuma’s challenges started at a young age and a problem with her spine meant that she could not stand or sit unassisted. There was no support available in their community and this meant that Patuma was not receiving the help she needed.

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Other ways we make an impact:

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