We are delighted to announce that Able Child Africa is expanding its operations to move into Southern Africa, with Zambia and Malawi in 2020.

Detailed assessment confirmed that were is a strong need in both these countries for our work which will improve the lives of the many children with disabilities who live there, who are facing daily barriers preventing them from living full lives.

We are in the final stages of establishing local partnerships to facilitate our long term support, and will reveal further updates when we have finalised these partnerships in each country.

Excitingly, we have already secured funding to get activities up and running before the end of this year.

Going forward, we foresee several opportunities to develop collaborative projects in Early Childhood Development and Sports for Inclusion, as well as forging more active engagement and lobbying with the national governments.

We are really excited to be pursuing these new strands of our development, and believe together with our new partners in these countries we will make a real impact for children with disabilities in Zambia and Malawi.



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