Unfortunately, many children with disabilities are left unidentified and untreated – unable to access medical assessments and screening, which prevents them from being able to receive the support they need.

Through our inclusive education work, we identified that this was true for many of the children we came across.

To tackle this problem, we partnered with USDC to launch a new project in Nebbi in northern Uganda to develop a low-cost disability screening tool that better identifies children who need professional medical assessments and assistive devices.

This project ensures children with disabilities are identified and protected. It facilitates sustainable access to healthcare services and equipment by training teachers to use the tool during in-school assessments, working with local stakeholders to improve the referral systems and supporting parents to get their children screened.

Through the success of this project, we are advocating for the government to adopt and share the tool across schools in other districts for the effective inclusion of all children with disabilities in Uganda.


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