Following our new partnership in Zambia, we are looking for funding for a project that seeks to improve access to quality Inclusive Early Childhood Education for Children with disabilities in partnership with our partner Zambia Association of Parents for Children with Disabilities (ZAPCD).

The Ministry of Education in Zambia acknowledges the importance of the role early childhood education plays in the development of young children but still expects that Early Childhood Development is the responsibility of Councils, local communities, non-governmental organisations, private individuals, and families.

ZAPCD with their nationwide network of parent support groups are best placed to provide an effective community led approach to the provision of accessible home-based and community led learning alongside advice for effective outreach and identification of young children with disabilities.

Consultative workshops and focus group discussions will take place across four provinces in Zambia to gain a broad perspective of the common barriers children with disabilities face, what successful approaches for inclusive Early Childhood Education in Zambia already exist, and what are perceived to be the most sustainable solutions for inclusive Early Childhood Education in the current context.

These consultations include children with disabilities themselves, parents of children with disabilities, community leaders, Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs), government officials, teachers, and other education professionals. The learnings and evidence from these consultations will be captured and used to advocate for strengthened support for a broader inclusive Early Childhood Development project with key stakeholders and policy makers in Zambia.

If you are interested in supporting the funding of this project, please do get in touch.

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