Getting children with disabilities ‘school-ready’ is a major challenge without inclusive early childhood development and educational opportunities.

This is particularly true for children from more deprived areas, as is the case in Kibera in Kenya.

Home to a disproportionate number of people with disabilities Little Rock was founded to offer a better start for children with disabilities in the community. Originally operating out of a single room, we embarked on a journey with Little Rock to achieve their dream of building a leading Inclusive Development Centre in the heart of Kibera.

With the long-term support and funding of Euromoney, the school was completed in 2013. Since then the school has expanded and is now home to over 400 children, approximately one-third of which have been diagnosed with some form of disability.

Euromoney has continued to support the organisational development of Little Rock, facilitating the improvement of their financial and operational systems, as well as investing in Little Rock’s staff and therapy units to future proof the sustainability of the organisation.

And in response to a number of children with disabilities who had graduated being consistently denied access to primary education, Little Rock is now starting to use their wealth of expertise and knowledge to facilitate the transition of children with disabilities into the primary school through inclusive teacher training and a school exchange programme in local primary schools.


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