Project Update

We are delivering a project with USDC, funded by The Marr Munning Trust, which seeks to widen access to Individualised Learning Plans (ILPs) for children across Uganda’s public school system.

We are supporting 60 children with disabilities across six primary schools in Lira to build the evidence base on why ILPs are so effective at helping children with disabilities reach their full potential in school.

At the same time, we are working closely with the government’s District Inspector of Schools to advocate to policymakers on why and how ILPs should be rolled out to other primary schools in Lira and across the country, enabling us to reach even more children with disabilities.

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Advocating for Change

In our efforts to widen access to Inclusive Early Childhood Education in Uganda, we have been advocating to government officials through district and national advocacy meetings and events.

Early Childhood Education is predominantly provided by the private sector, which excludes nearly all children with disabilities whose families are more likely to be living in poverty and therefore unable to afford the entrance fees.

Through our IECE advocacy work this year, we have engaged 113 policymakers and civil society leaders on how to successfully deliver IECE to children with and without disabilities, and the long-term benefits of doing so. These efforts have helped to push IECE up the education agenda in Uganda, with education officials working with us to learn more about our approach.

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