On Sunday 3rd October 2021, we attended the London Marathon and cheered on our amazing runners. We were thrilled to see everyone and participate in the London Marathon celebrations. 

Have a read of some of our runners experience of the day! 

Alex – “It was an awesome day, it was a culmination of a lot of hard training and fundraising. It got pretty tough around the 20-mile mark but thinking about what you’re running for and how much the money raised will help children across Africa really got me through.”

Alexey – “Thank you for the chance to run in London, for many of my friends this is not yet a dream come true! I am proud that I was at this marathon yesterday and very proud that I was able to help someone with my small contribution!”

Mackensie – “Thank you very much! It was a brilliant day and an incredible experience. An absolute pleasure to raise funds for Able Child Africa and I hope it can be used to support your mission.”

Julian – “The crowds were amazing, and it was great to have the support of Able Child Africa near Big Ben.”

Mitul – “It was an amazing experience and great atmosphere!”

If you would like to participate in the London Marathon 2022 email: mawuena@www.ablechild.org.uk.uk 

Thank you to all of our amazing runners and to those that participated, donated, and supported us on the day!

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