Recognising sport as an accessible and attractive entry point into education, ourselves and ANDY are looking to fund an innovative inclusive play programme that demonstrates how inclusive sports and play can be used as a low-cost and effective tool to support children with disabilities into school.

Over the past 6 years, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in using sports as a simple and effective mechanism for the greater inclusion of children with disabilities. During the same time, Kenya has made significant national reforms geared towards a more inclusive mainstream educational system for children with disabilities. Despite this, children with disabilities continue to be systematically left behind, facing ingrained societal stigma and discrimination, particularly during their pre-school years.

There is growing recognition within Kenya that a significant number of children with disabilities do not access pre-primary education despite it being critical to lay the foundations for a healthy life. This lack of appropriate early support and protection has a huge impact on children with disabilities, preventing them from reaching their full potential later in life.

Through this project, we will not only support children with disabilities into school but will also build the capacity of community support networks to strengthen early identification of children with disabilities in Kenya to ensure no child is left behind.


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