UWEZO Youth Empowerment’s recent success has meant an increasing portfolio of programmatic work along with considerable organisational growth in a short space of time.

This poses a unique set of risks and we have worked closely with UWEZO to support them through this exciting transition.

One area UWEZO had recognised they needed to improve was their monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) systems in order to be able to effectively meet the expectations of larger grants. This included the need to develop new tools, with a focus on better capturing the voices of project beneficiaries.

Bringing together our expertise in developing evaluation tools and systems, we developed a support package to build the capacity of UWEZO in this area. We delivered a number of focused training to the UWEZO team and supported them to implement data collection procedures, as well as analyse the data to produce reliable results that can be communicated to donors.

Through our support, UWEZO has become our first partner to use the ‘Washington Group Short Set of Questions’ – a set of questions designed to identify people with a disability during data collection. With few organisations using this as a method to consistently disaggregate data in this way, this has really set UWEZO apart.

To date, the results speak for themselves. UWEZO’s overall knowledge and understanding has improved significantly, fully meeting the requirements of donors and ensuring that the voices of children with disabilities are included in the evaluation of the projects we deliver together.


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